Safe for kids.
Easy for parents.

Marimba is a protected
messaging app for children 7-12.

Safe for Kids

Marimba was designed from the ground up with children’s safety and privacy rights in mind.

Connect with Trust

Marimba verifies the identity of all new accounts using information from a parent's government issued ID. This helps us make sure parents are engaged while increasing the overall safety of the service.

Small Features Matter

Geolocation filters. Profanity filters. Security alerts for parents. Marimba includes tons of small features to keep kids safe.

Serious about Privacy

Marimba is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program, an independent safety certification service and seal-of-approval program for children-friendly technologies. To learn more, visit

COPPA Compliant

Marimba is the first messaging app in the App Store certified by kidSAFE to be compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Easy for Parents

Marimba makes it easy for parents to approve connections, set limits, and supervise chat activity.

Approve invitations and friend connections

Marimba allows parents to review all invitations and friend connections. Approve people you trust. Block people you don’t. Change your mind later. Marimba keeps parents engaged and in control.

Observe and monitor chat activity from your phone

Kids will be kids. And they’ll probably need some coaching. Marimba makes it easy for parents to watch conversations in real time. Or scroll back through time to review old messages.

Limit chat hours with parent controls

Bedtime is important. Marimba allows parents to set automatic time limits with a few taps. After hours, kids see a lock screen and inbound messages simply wait until morning.

No cell phone yet? Parents and kids can share a device

Most 7 year olds don’t have a phone. Thank goodness. Marimba makes it easy to share a device within the family. Switching users is fast and parents can quickly silence notifications when it’s time for work.

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Our Story

We started Marimba to solve a problem. My 8-year-old daughter Annelise wanted to chat with her friends and we couldn’t find a safe solution that didn’t require us to lie about her age.

Annelise had the idea and I’m a software product developer, so we built this together as a daddy-daughter project. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

If you have any ideas about how to improve Marimba or just a story to share, we’d love to hear from you.

     Andrew Schiebler, Co-founder

Click the video link above to hear our story in Annelise’s words.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any feedback or questions about our service. We'd like to hear from you.